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Click on a Bumblebee to see the flowers it favours:
Common bumblebees
Buff-tailed bumblebee
Early bumblebee
Common carder bee
White-tailed bumblebee
Red-tailed bumblebee
Garden bumblebee
Less common bumblebees
Heath bumblebee
Tree bumblebee
Bilberry bumblebee
Broken-belted bumblebee
Rare bumblebees
Brown-banded carder bee
Moss carder bee
Ruderal bumblebee
Red-shanked carder bee
Very rare bumblebees
Shrill carder bee
Great yellow bumblebee
Cuckoo bumblebees
Forest cuckoo bumblebee
Field cuckoo bumblebee
Gypsy cuckcoo bumblebee
Southern cuckoo bumblebee
Barbut's cuckoo bumblebee
Red-tailed cuckoo bumblebee

Planting for Pollinators

Learn about the plants that different bumblebee species feed on, as recorded by our Citizen Scientists:

Step 1: Choose a bumblebee species in the left column.

The middle column will then display information on that bumblebee species and the right column will display a list of plants that our Citizen Scientists most frequently record that species on.

Step 2: Choose a plant species in the right column.

The middle column will then display information about that plant and the left column will highlight the bumblebee species that our citizen scientists have recorded feeding on that plant.

Note:You can choose any bumblebee species (highlighted/not highlighted) to find suitable plants.

For a more detailed exploration of the data, and recommendations of bumblebee friendly plants that flower year-round, click on the Year-round planting recommendations tab above this panel.